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From our local production to your doorstep, find out how we can help you achieve the results you expect.


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Our mission

Terre Promise is a local artisanal seed company that produces ecological seeds of rare or endangered vegetable varieties.

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Our cultivation philosophy 

We produce seeds from rare and ancient garden plants. All our seeds are open pollinated and not genetically modified nor patented. They are grown ecologically, without any pesticide or synthetic fertilizer.

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If you want advice, we invite you to come and meet us at the Seed Festivals or at the public markets.

Lyne Bellemare conférences


Whether as a beginner or an expert, we have different conferences and training courses for you that will allow you to better familiarize yourself with plants and their cultivation.

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Our products are exclusively sold online. We deliver to Canada, the United States and France

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Seed Libraries and Grainotheques of Quebec

It is a Facebook group that aims to bring together seed enthusiasts to discuss ideas, techniques and initiatives promoting seed diversity..


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Heirloom seeds

Interview with Lyne Bellemare

Growing a garden from your own seeds is possible!

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