Thibodeau bean from Beauce County (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Old dwarf cultivar from Beauce in Quebec, this bean is eaten fresh or dried. Its green pods are streaked with purple. According to many, it makes the best baked beans, but proponents of the Famille Boucher bean disagree. The solution? Mix the two.;The Beauce was a territory formerly occupied by the St. Lawrence Iroquois Nation. It would therefore be possible that it is a descendant of the beans that these people cultivated. When the First Settlers arrived, many exchanges took place between the two populations, and the beans were passed on to the newcomers. They, on the other hand, subsequently selected several varieties over many years, which favored the appearance of new lines in the varieties. The Thibodeau bean from Beauce County was found by Mr. Marc Warsha. It was actually Mr. Martin Roy of St-Zacharie, in Beauce, who gave him seeds. the cultivation of this bean goes back 4 generations, to Mrs. Thibodeau, from Beauceville, the great-great…grandmother of Martin Roy. The name, Thibodeau from Beauce County, appears for the first time in the catalog heritage seeds in 2003.

Latin name: Phaseolus vulgaris
Common names: Thibodeau bean, marbled bean, heritage bean
English: Bush Bean
Family: Fabaceae

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3.78 $

  • Plant type
    • Annual
  • Quantity
    • Envelope of about 30 seeds
  • Exposure
    • Full sun
  • Shape
    • Dwarf
  • Plantation
    • Directly in the garden
  • Days to maturity
    • 90 days
  • Germination
    • 5 to 15 days
  • Plant spacing
    • 15 cm
  • Row spacing
    • 30 cm to 35 cm
  • Depth
    • 2 cm
  • Width
    • 20 cm to 30 cm
  • Height
    • 30 cm to 40 cm
  • Color
  • Family
    • Fabaceae

This combination does not exist.

Plant type: Annual
Quantity: Envelope of about 30 seeds
Exposure: Full sun
Shape: Dwarf
Plantation: Directly in the garden
Days to maturity: 90 days
Germination: 5 to 15 days
Plant spacing: 15 cm
Row spacing: 30 cm to 35 cm
Depth: 2 cm
Width: 20 cm to 30 cm
Height: 30 cm to 40 cm
Color: Green
Family: Fabaceae

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