Sunflower Heliopsis (Heliopsis helianthoides)

Heliopsis false sunflower is a magnificent wild perennial native to North America. An extremely floriferous nectariferous plant, it will delight butterflies and other pollinating insects. It is very drought tolerant and can also be used for shoreline stabilization. *Seed quantity has been doubled due to low germination rate.

Latin name: Heliopsis helianthoides
Common names: Heliopsis false sunflower, false sunflower.
English: False sunflower, Smooth Oxeye, Common Ox-eye, Oxeye Sunflower, Sunflower Heliopsis.
Family: Asteraceae

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  • Plant type
    • Perennial
  • Flower color
  • Quantity
    • Envelope of about 60 seeds
  • Exposure
    • Full sun
  • Shape
    • Bushy
  • Soil
    • All types of soils
  • Watering
    • Tolerates drought
  • Sowing
    • Directly in the garden
  • Plantation
    • In the garden after the risk of frost
  • Germination
    • 80 days
  • Germination
    • 80 days
  • Plant spacing
    • 60 cm
  • Depth
    • 1 cm
  • Width
    • 60 cm to 1 m
  • Height
    • 90 cm to 1,2 m
  • Family
    • Asteraceae

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Plant type: Perennial
Flower color: Red
Quantity: Envelope of about 60 seeds
Exposure: Full sun
Shape: Bushy
Soil: All types of soils
Watering: Tolerates drought
Sowing: Directly in the garden
Plantation: In the garden after the risk of frost
Germination: 80 days, 80 days
Plant spacing: 60 cm
Depth: 1 cm
Width: 60 cm to 1 m
Height: 90 cm to 1,2 m
Family: Asteraceae

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