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Touchstone Gold Beet (Beta Vulgaris)
3.78 $ 3.78 $ 3.7800000000000002 CAD
In addition to its notable advantage of not staining the fingers when handled, this beet will seduce you with its golden orange color, its flesh surrounded by pale yellow and its sweet taste. Delicious raw or cooked, it retains its pretty color when cooked. Its edible leaves and stems are almost as good as its root.;A small, early growing beet that is easy to grow!
Beet LUTZ (Beta vulgaris)
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Delicious elongated beetroot. It is productive and resistant, in addition to being very tender and sweet! The abundant leaves can also be eaten, and the beet keeps well for the winter in cold storage. This variety originated in Germany, and was very popular in the Amish and Mennonite communities of the United States.
Detroit Beet (Beta vulgaris)
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Here is a nice round and very red beet. Its juicy flesh is perfect for making juices. It can also be cooked very well raw or cooked. Its sweet flavor is in no way earthy. In addition, its abundant foliage is delicious in pesto. To be harvested in summer. An old variety, its appearance dates from 1892.

The vast majority of our seeds are produced on our farm. However, if the cultivation of a variety fails or if it is out of stock, we source from other seed companies to ensure an interesting selection. This is the case for this variety.

Latin name: Beta vulgaris
Common name: Detroit Beet
English: Detroit Beet
Family: Amaranthaceae, formerly Chenopodiaceae