« What! There are so many varieties? I'm all mixed up! »

The question often came up from our customers: which beans are eaten dry and which are eaten fresh? Are they climbers or dwarfs? Here is a diagram to help you choose the most suitable variety for your garden and your… plate!

There are actually hundreds of different varieties of beans! Even if many of the Quebec and First Nations varieties have disappeared with the modernization of agriculture and with the advent of industrialization, we still have several to introduce you to.

But how to find it?

What you need to know: in the past, beans were eaten dry, like legumes. The First Nations kept them in reserve for winter days. Then, the French colonists, who were fond of peas, finally adopted beans as well.

Formerly, all beans were climbing. It was only in modern times that plants were selected to become dwarfs.

It is therefore normal for heirloom beans to be climbing and eaten dry. On the other hand, many are also eaten fresh.

By looking at the chart above, you can find the strain that's right for you. A variety may appear in more than one category.

Enjoy your lunch!

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