Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa)

Sea bergamot is a native perennial with fragrant pink flowers that attract pollinators and hummingbirds. It is found in meadows and open places. Its leaves like its flowers are edible and make delicious herbal teas. Choosing native species is choosing biodiversity.

***The vast majority of our seeds are produced on our farm. However, if the cultivation of a variety fails or if it is out of stock, we source from other seed companies to ensure an interesting selection. This is the case for this variety.

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3.78 $

  • Plant type
    • Perennial
  • Flower color
  • Quantity
    • Envelope of about 150 seeds
  • Exposure
    • Half shade
  • Soil
    • Undemanding
  • Watering
    • Undemanding
  • Sowing
    • Directly in the garden
  • Plant spacing
    • 30 cm
  • Depth
    • On the surface
  • Width
    • 30 cm to 45 cm
  • Height
    • 45 cm to 90 cm
  • Flowering
    • June to august
  • Rusticity
    • Zone 4
  • Family
    • Lamiaceae
  • Characteristic
    • Fragrant

This combination does not exist.

Plant type: Perennial
Flower color: Pink
Quantity: Envelope of about 150 seeds
Exposure: Half shade
Soil: Undemanding
Watering: Undemanding
Sowing: Directly in the garden
Plant spacing: 30 cm
Depth: On the surface
Width: 30 cm to 45 cm
Height: 45 cm to 90 cm
Flowering : June to august
Rusticity: Zone 4
Family: Lamiaceae
Characteristic: Fragrant

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